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Ex-School of the Arts senior who used "n word" in a tweet files lawsuit against Charleston County School District

The School of the Arts senior who used the "n word" in a tweet about a black classmate walked across the graduation stage last week, and the following day, her attorney filed a lawsuit against Charleston County School District. Ashley Patrick contends the school district violated her due process rights in its appeal of her case to the Charleston County School Board, and she wants her school records purged of the intimidation charge. She also wants the district to reimburse her legal fees... Read More

School of the Arts Senior Can't Participate In Graduation Ceremony Because of Tweet That Used "n word

The Charleston County School Board voted 4-1 Wednesday to uphold the North Charleston Constituent School Board's decision, which was allowing Patrick to stay at School of the Arts on strict probation. That means she can't go to the prom or participate in the school's graduation ceremony with her classmates, but she will get a diploma from School of the Arts. Read More

Former Charleston City Councilman Kwadjo Campbell receives pardon

Former Charleston City Council member Kwadjo Campbell received a pardon today from the state for a variety of crimes dating as far back as 1993. The move came after several area figures spoke on his behalf, including state Rep. Wendell Gilliard, d-Charleston, and local attorney Dwayne Green. His wife addressed the panel as well. Read More

Tant Is Granted Parole

COLUMBIA - David Ray Tant, once considered the country's second largest breeder of fighting dogs from his property in southern Charleston County, was granted parole in a 5-2 ruling. Read More

Attorney helped bring together city's 2 Ys

In the early 1900s, the elite organizers of the historically black youth club had fought among themselves to include darker-skinned black members. During World War II, they fought resistance against a "colored YMCA" to build the facility on Cannon Street, borrowing money from a black insurance company in North Carolina because no local bank would sign a loan. Read More

Attorney: Awendaw can ban cameras from meetings

AWENDAW, SC - No law was passed, but Awendaw's town attorney gave council the blessing to ban the use of recording devices if the person recording is being too disruptive. Efforts to try and ban recording devices were initiated during the June 28 Town Council meeting, when two council members opposed the recording of the meeting because they couldn't identify the individual who was recording as being part of the media. Read More

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